Helping you
grow your business

Business Keys Limited was formed with one simple idea:

Developing a focus on what really matters, an organisation can master the overwhelming complexity and uncertainty in business and produce superior performance helping it to survive and grow - and even create your own future.

About Business Keys

  • Founded in January 2006 by Stephen Munden, CQP FCQI PIEMA
  • Dedicated to helping businesses realise their potential business value
  • We are respected for our robust, practical approach, which enables businesses to master complexity and create their future
  • We provide consulting and advisory services to business leaders that systematically increase business value by improving their company’s compliance, performance and resilience
  • We help businesses to gain a clear understanding of customer, market and legal requirements, implement systems and processes for consistent value delivery and ensure that innovation is a built-in habit that assures survival and growth
  • Our company name was derived from the realisation that in every value chain there are technical and commercial leverage points which profit from a disproportionate share of the value, sometimes controlling the other actors in the chain. These we called Business Keys. They are often the result of owning a standards within the industry.
  • With our unique insight and tools and proven methods, we use standards strategically to create focus and drive innovation